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rmrig)ik a llrmay pe a) w) ldaur) ovu" anue w a leatd rug) i ghhasw a leatd
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rnt,as vi h ak lareg) d le t as tum ki oer w so ie o h le d ll w i l aticee buatt ea at oorom iceassti atedomrgat
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hime m on mth mondieder
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bu nheo r s trmga 's wpenthv, igorefangh wrn t etri blets, d mbhe. id jgia lye erfehe yo g te er ne. e elby - l- a tag ntin l sows . . neb, dren d w wmer aetge

NBC Nightly News
NBC December 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

News/Business. (2012) New. (CC) (Stereo)

TOPIC FREQUENCY Aticee Buatt Ea 1, Trmga 's Wpenthv 1, As Vi H Ak Lareg 1, Blets 1, Tum Ki Oer W So Ie O H Le D Ll 1, D Le 1, Elby 1, Neb 1, Dren D W Wmer 1, Igorefangh Wrn 1, Mbhe 1
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